Coriano Ridge War Cemetery is 3.5 kilometres west of Riccione, a seaside resort on the Adriatic coast.

Coriano Ridge was the last important ridge in the way of the Allied advance in the Adriatic sector in the autumn of 1944. Its capture was the key to Rimini and eventually to the River Po. German Parachute and Panzer troops, aided by bad weather, resisted all attacks on their positions between 4th and 12th September 1944. On the night of 12th September the Eighth Army re-opened its attack on the Ridge, with the 1st British Armoured Division and the 5th Canadian Armoured Division. This attack was successful in taking the Ridge, but marked the beginning of a week of the heaviest fighting experienced since Cassino, the Eighth Army losing daily some 150 killed, who lie buried in this cemetery. The site for the cemetery was selected by the Army in April 1945 and it was formed by concentrations from the surrounding battlefields. There are now nearly 2,000, 1939-45 war casualties commemorated in this site.

M/107496 PTE. ROBERT BERNARD CALKINS,died Wednesday, 13th September 1944.
Grave Reference: II,C,6.

H/8057 CPL. JOHN JACK CARSON, died Thursday, 14th September 1944.
Grave Reference: II,C,10.

A/11862 L/SGT. CLIFFORD COTTEL, died Wednesday, 13th September 1944.
Grave Reference: II,C,4.

H/20745 PTE. NORMAN ALEXANDER DIAMOND,died Friday, 29th September 1944. Age 24.
Son of Franklin and Leslie Diamond, of Solsgirth, Manitoba.
Grave Reference: II,C,11.

L/104262 PTE. RUDOLPH EICHLER, died Thursday, 14th September 1944. Age 28.
Son of Anton and Josephine Eichler, of Lizard Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Panel Number: II,C,8.

A/107995 PTE. JOHN ROGER HARPER,died Wednesday, 13th December 1944. Age 23.
Son of William C. and Blanche Harper, of Watford, Ontario.
Grave Reference: II,C,12.

B/117462 PTE. THOMAS NEIL JACK, died Wednesday, 13th September 1944. Age 19.
Son of Hugh and Lucy Jack, of Heaslip, Ontario, Canada.
Grave Reference: II,C,5.

A/104549 PTE. LESLIE GORDON KIRK, died Wednesday, 13th September 1944. Age 23.
Son of Thomas E. and Annie J. Kirk, of East Linton. Ontario. Canada.
Grave Reference: II,C,3.

D/132859 L/CPL. JOSEPH MARTELL,died Wednesday, 13th September 1944.
Grave Reference :II,C,7.

D/56365 PTE. BERNARD McCABE, died Sunday, 24th December 1944. Age 20.
Son of James and Catherine McCabe, of Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.
Grave Reference: XIV,F,4.

A/89237 PTE. GERALD PURCELL, died Sunday, 24th September 1944. Age 21.
Son of Edmund and Bessie Purcell.
Grave Reference: XIV,E,8.

A/104623 PTE. GARLAND RICHARDS, died Wednesday, 13th September 1944. Age 20.
Son of Reverdy and Mildred Richards.
Grave Reference: II,C,9.

B/46807 PTE. HERBERT WHITE, died Wednesday, 13th September 1944. Age 26.
Son of James and Ellen White.
Grave Reference: II,C,2.

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Prepared by: J. McRae & J. Vinnick-Gould

May 12th, 2001