Lloyd (Casey) George Casemore (A11759)


Casey and fellow soldiers in Delfzijl, Holland, May 5, 1945.
Casey is sitting on the tank, the rightmost person in the second row from the top.

Casey returned to Wingham in September, 1945 and resumed work at Western Foundry. In October 1945, he joined Branch 180 of the Wingham Legion serving on its Property Committee and continued as an active member of the Branch until his death. During post war service from Feb. 3, 1947 to Feb. 28, 1966, he was Staff Sergeant with the 99th Battery, 21st Field Regiment RCA (Militia). In 1981, he retired as a foreman at Stanley Door Systems in Wingham. He always enjoyed and looked forward to the biannual reunions of the Perth regiment in Stratford and in April, 1975 he travelled with others from the Perth Regiment to Italy for the 30th anniversary. In the years to follow, he made over 20 trips to Holland and Europe visiting the battlefields and cenotaphs of Europe, rekindling an important and compelling time in his early life. His legacy for community service is widely acknowledged in the Wingham area and his contribution lives on in organizations he actively participated in, namely: Wingham Lions Club (Life membership award), Masonic Lodge, Wingham Curling Club (Life membership award), Terry Fox Foundation. He will be remembered for bringing hope and encouragement to many who battled cancer, a disease he fought valiantly for many years. He was proclaimed Citizen of the Year for the town of Wingham and the township of Turnberry in 1996. Casey married his childhood sweetheart, June, on July 4, 1964 and they lived happily until her death in 1979. He continues to inspire his three step-children and their spouses, along with 6 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren. Casey is missed by his family and friends. Anyone caring to share stories about Casey are asked to email his step-daughter, Patti at

Casey in 1941

Casey in Wingham 1994

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Prepared by: A. McRae

July 17, 2003.