Sgt. George Grant MM CD Citation


Award of: The Military Medal
To: A.11200 Corporal (Acting Sergeant) George Edward GRANT, Canadian Infantry Corps.

On the night 2/3 January 1945 this non-commissioned officer was ordered to lead forward a reconnaissance patrol of five men from the position occupied by "D" Company the Perth Regiment near Conventello to the Foss Vetro. On his return he spotted an enemy patrol moving toward his unit positions. He returned to his company headquarters and obtained permission to take his patrol out again to ambush the enemy. While in the process of establishing hasty defenses in Case Galavatti, approximately five hundred yards in front of the most forward position of his company he was engaged by an enemy force estimated at forty in strength. They surrounded the house, swept the doors and windows with small arms fire, fired eight bazooka bombs into the house and then charged toward it. So skilfully had Sergeant Grant organized his position that all approaches were covered and when he gave the order to fire, at a range of approximately twenty yards, heavy casualties were inflicted and the enemy disorganized. Six of the enemy succeeded however in gaining entrance to the ground floor. Sergeant Grant led two of his men down the stairs where they succeeded in killing them all with grenades and Tommy Gun fire. From the time of the initial assault until relieved nine hours later this small force was repeatedly attacked. Each time the enemy were beaten off until finally eight of them were killed and twelve wounded. Sergeant Grant himself, was responsible for killing two and wounding five. This position was vital to the enemy as subsequent events showed he intended to use it as a base for a full scale counter-attack. The bravery and skill displayed by Sergeant Grant and his grim determination to hold this position against terrific odds foiled the enemy’s plan and allowed his battalion to continue its advance.

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Prepared by: J. McRae

January 7th, 2000