Members "HQ" Perth Company - December 20th, 1939

Bottom row, left to right

Armstrong James Sgt A11012 HQ Coy (Dec39)
Creasy Harold Pay Sgt A11135
Tyers Pacien J. Sgt A11172
Billings Frederick G. S/Sgt A11003
Gillingham William A. CSM A11004
Billings William R. RQM Sgt A11190
Soper Thomas H. RSM A11000
Jose J.G. Capt MO
Walker Frank Major QM
Lind John S.H. Major 2-I-C
McComb S.H. Lieut-Col OC
Tipler J.E. Lieut Adjt
Bell John G. Lieut
Mason Herb Lieut IO
Hughes R.B. QMSI Attached RCR
Hutchinson E.M. CSM
Ewart William P. Sgt A11219
Hamilton Frederick G. QMSgt A11171
Greenfield Robert V. Medical Sgt A11727

Second row up, left to right

Carder H. Pte
Howe Stanley L. Pte A11367
Gurney Louis Pte A11621
Martin L.J. Pte
Watt W.J. Pte
Jantzi W. Pte A11674
Turnbull A. Pte
Hartmier C. Pte
Dempsey John H. Pte A11277
Doxey Frank G. Pte A11233
Wakeford C. Allan Pte A11337
McColl John J. Pte A11139
Near C. Henry J. Pte A11160
Naylor George Pte
Donovan John R. Pte A11466
Teather George Pte A11628
Bell Wilfred S. Pte A11108
Snider S.W. Pte
Chessman Cedric S. Cpl A11421

Third row up, left to right

Levi William E.J. Pte A11364
Howie Wilbert F. Pte A11673
Roulston Clifford D. Pte A11643
Maddess Benjamin H. Pte A11084
Seigner Frederick H. Pte A11117
Lyons Lloyd J. Pte A11359
Abram John J. Pte A11491
Arcand Louis A. Pte A11700
McLean John Pte A11247
Billings Frank L. Pte A11148
Manser Charles E. Pte A11101
Weir John H. Pte A11595
Hayes Charles L. Pte A11539
Carder C.T. Pte
Stoneham Frank Pte A11244
Gardner W. Harry Cpl A11494
Spiegelberg M.G. Pte A11656
Johnson Earl G. Pte A11619

Fourth row up, left to right

Blundell Norman R. Pte A11136
Winteringham Charles D. Pte A11379
Fournie Louis E. Pte A11375
Hendry Robert L. Pte A11393
Lyons J.J. Pte
Dean Lawrence N. Pte A11509
Gilliard Walter H. Pte A11326
Welch John E. Pte A11376
Stone Bernard C. Cpl A11585
Hoy William J. Pte A11163
Bolitski Louis A. Pte A11220
Fallis O.U. Pte
Stears Robert W. Pte A11583
Barr Roy T. Pte A11691
Tasker John L. Pte A11438
Bailey Melborne H. Pte A11637
Wilton Ruthven Pte A11577
Irwin A. Cpl
Cordell Stephen H. Cpl A11090

Top row, left to right

Littlejohn Thomas H. Pte A11490
Jessom S. Pte
Hart John W. Pte A11372
Crosby Harvie B. Pte A11060
Stennett J. Pte
McLeod Kenneth C. Pte A11518
Fischer Arthur W. Pte A11368
Thiel William H. Pte A11280
Gresham Ralph B. Pte A11295
Bishop John H. Pte A11150
Stoneman Frank Pte A11244
Nadjiwan Charles C. Pte A11603
Howe H.S. Pte
McLeod John C. Pte A11590
Napier James C. Pte A11542
Mullis George E. Pte A11181
Schwartz Frederick J. Pte A11427
Thompson John A.C. Pte A11569
Morris Robert R. Pte A11195
Hunter John Pte A11299
Frey Alexander M. Pte A11424
Douglas Emerson Pte A11355
Beattie Jock G. Pte A11422