Members "A" Waterloo Company - December 20th, 1939

Bottom Row
From Left to Right:
1 Nadon Lionel Sgt A11325 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
2 Adams Albert Carman Sgt A11208 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
3 Twist Francis George CSM A11006 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
4 Soper Thomas Henry RSM A11000 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
5 Charters William Capt A. Coy (Dec. '39)
6 Tipler J.E. Lieut Adjutant
7 Shelley Earle Clare Maj O. C. A. Coy (Dec. '39)
8 McComb S.H. Lieut.Col. CO of the Reg't
9 Reid R.S. Lieut A. Coy (Dec. '39)
10 Bricker D.M. Lieut A. Coy (Dec. '39)
11 Weir Carl Hugh CQMS A11417 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
12 Hobson Ernest Alvin Sgt A11207 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
13 Furzer Wilfrid Victor Cpl A11037 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
Second Row Up,
Left to Right:
14 Hughes Leo Frederick Pte A11439 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
15 Campbell Arthur Valentine Pte A11428 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
16 Ryan Michael Joseph Pte A11505 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
17 Ross John Kerr Pte A11684 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
18 Bailey Leslie Harold Pte A11213 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
19 Jeffries Clifford Pte A11078 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
20 Freeman Ross Lavern Pte A11199 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
21 Miller Reginald A. Pte A11018 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
22 Levitt Keith Earl Pte A11099 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
23 King Charles Peter Pte A11167 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
24 Evers Norman Peter Pte A11143 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
25 Huras Ronald Charles Pte A11066 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
26 Spencer John Robert Pte A11100 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
27 Baker Frederick K. Pte A11166 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
28 Swaninger Alfred Walter Pte A11149 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
29 Welch Charles Louis Pte A11130 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
30 Pendle Walter Ernest Pte A11597 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
31 Mertens Paul William L/Cpl A11541 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
32 Sayers George Allison Pte A11209 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
33 Deacon George Edward Pte A11198 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
34 Sherwood Michael Wallace Pte A11156 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
35 Mote Harold B. Pte A11722 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
36 Solomon Edward Clayton Pte A11519 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
37 Shean Wesley James Pte A11499 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
38 Fleming Murray Andrew Pte A11693 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
Third Row Up,
Left to Right:
39 Baird William David Pte A11252 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
40 Bell Charles Samuel Pte A11543 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
41 Percival James Norris Pte A11587 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
42 Agnew Archibald Pte. A11634 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
43 Dalgleish William Craig L/Cpl A11217 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
44 Ross Gordon Kitchener Pte A11720 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
45 Henderson Wilfred R. Pte A11147 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
46 Melville Alexander Pte A11210 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
47 Beemer Clayton Earl Pte A11450 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
48 Large Harold St. Clair Pte A11059 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
49 McConnell Peter John S. Pte A11729 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
50 Scammel Albert Charles Pte A11129 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
51 Beaton Hughie J. Pte A11116 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
52 Frieson Jacob Pte A11310 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
53 Welch Thomas Louis Pte A11377 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
54 Hansford William John Pte A11178 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
55 Griggs George Pte A11027 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
56 Keeso Alvin Joseph Pte A11678 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
57 Turner R. Pte A11346 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
58 Cossey John Harvey Pte A11201 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
59 Carder Leslie Wilfred James Pte A11230 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
60 Whale Raymond George Edward Pte A11188 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
61 Holmes C.W. L/Cpl A. Coy (Dec. '39)
Fourth Row Up,
Left to Right:
62 Ferguson Robert Cpl A11196 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
63 McKenzie Alexander L/Cpl A11373 A. Coy (Dec. '39) KIA
64 Baird Addison Bell L/Cpl A11254 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
65 Drown Borden Richard Pte A11680 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
66 Wright Edward Arnold Pte A11650 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
67 Wheatley Charles R. Pte A11699 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
68 Clarke Kenneth Pte A11405 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
69 Haas Lester Carl Pte A11212 A. Coy (Dec. '39) KIA
70 Livock Robert Marcus Pte A11229 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
71 Carter James Russell Pte A11389 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
72 Bell James Carlyle Pte A11177 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
73 Lethbridge John Pte A11197 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
74 Bell Russell Irvine Pte A11169 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
75 Byron James George Pte A11283 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
76 Handley James Alexander Pte A11262 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
77 Stroud Robert James Pte A11594 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
78 Wakeford Bertram Pte A11340 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
79 Kempthorne William Richard Pte A11456 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
80 Foreman R. Pte A11655 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
81 Foreman James Pte A11659 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
82 Delroy Lawrence Orval Kyle Pte A11307 A. Coy (Dec. '39) KIA
83 Stephenson Lloyd Albert Pte A11119 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
84 Aldridge Harold David Pte A11591 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
Top Row,
Left to Right:
85 Mantle Stanley R. L/Cpl A11131 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
86 Greenshields James Pte A11186 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
87 Beckerson Cecil Walter L/Cpl A11537 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
88 Hock Alvin Elmer Pte A11232 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
89 Fletcher James Pte A11286 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
90 Wheatley Dalbert Pte A11038 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
91 Bryson Bernard Francis Pte A11451 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
92 Deeton Harold Morrow Pte A11437 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
93 Wren Christopher K. Pte A11711 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
94 Dickson Melville William Pte A11228 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
95 Bast Lloyd John Pte A11267 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
96 Butler Robert Dominique Pte A11031 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
97 Ellis Harry Pte A11016 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
98 MacInnis Alex Pte A11032 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
99 Cline John Barnes Pte A11075 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
100 Souvie Peter Pte A11243 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
101 Miller Harold Russell Pte A11174 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
102 Kelly William Edmond Pte A11482 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
103 Smith Vincent Lee Pte A11406 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
104 Robinson John Frederick Cpl A11011 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
105 Beckner Herbert William Cpl A11029 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
106 Neaves Albert Walter Pte A11676 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
107 Baird Andrew Oliver Pte A11194 A. Coy (Dec. '39)
108 Phillip Edward Pte A11651 A. Coy (Dec. '39)

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Prepared by: J. McRae

August 15, 2006.