Perth Memorial, Stratford, Ontario.
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This web site is dedicated to all members of the Perth Regiment, living and dead, and their families. Within these pages, we are trying to bring alive a part of Canadian history for everyone to appreciate, enjoy and learn from.

The original Perth Regiment, after mobilization in Canada, spent the early years of WW2 in garrison and training in Britain. It saw combat in Italy as an infantry battalion in the 11th infantry Brigade of the 5th Armoured Division. The Perths soon gained a reputation for courage, initiative and reliability. In early March of 1945, all Canadian troops which had been fighting in Italy were transferred to Belgium resulting in all five Canadian divisions fighting as a team. In some of the hardest actions of the war, the Canadians drove the Germans out of northern Holland and helped to end the war.

With permission from the Perth Regiment Veterans' Association and the approval of the Director of Ceremonial (currently Directorate of History and Heritage), National Defence Headquarters, members of the Museum of Applied Military History created a military reenactment commemorative unit of the wartime Perth Regiment in 1990.

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